The Palm Beach County Surfing History Project, a nonprofit organization is dedicated to preserving, documenting and exhibiting a history of surfing in Florida, focusing primarily on Palm Beach County. Five local surfers who started surfing in the 1960’s stepped up and became the original Board of Trustees, with nine distinguished surfers now comprising the Board.  Thousands of photographs and memorabilia have been donated to the project.


Surfing Florida, A Photographic History


Priceless photo exhibit is becoming part of the Project!

After years of work by Paul Aho and Rod Faulds, the FAU exhibit, Surfing Florida, A Photographic History is in the process of becoming part of the Palm Beach County Surfing History Project.  The exhibit, based on Paul’s book of the same name, just completed four extended exhibitions around the state, and is now headed here to become a permanent part of our extensive display.  Representing 100 of the best surf photographers on the planet, with content-rich descriptions, the 59 oversized aluminum photo panels comprise the most comprehensive history of Florida Surfing ever assembled.  We have decided that the exhibit will only be for non-profit, educational purposes.  The exhibit is based on Paul’s book of the same name, which is being released in just a few weeks.  Signing parties for the book will be held locally with Paul, so stay tuned!  Now is also a great time to contribute to the Project and be acknowledged along with many others who are helping to fund our preservation of surfing history.  All donations are deductible.



Great Give
Board Of Trustees

Fred Salmon
Corky Roche
Tom Warnke
Bill Keeton
Scott McCranels
Doug Bogue
Shawn Murray
Justin Beard and
David Mowry






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